Cognitive Automation


Altilia is leader in automating business processes requiring cognitive capabilities, that are usually human prerogatives, to enable our clients to focus on what’s most critical and on the activities (and insights) that matter. We bring the transformative change of our solutions across business processes of enterprises of all industries helping organizations to transfer their employees’ knowledge to algorithms, quickly and accurately, to realize the competitive advantages of cognitive automation and insights at scale.

Altilia Cognitive Automation solutions are founded on methods that exploit machine learning models trained on labeled data sets that have beed by exploiting our human-in-the-loop AI approach that favorites the interaction between humans and algorithms. 

Use Case

Outage Intelligence

The need is to create an automatic early warning system for managing power outage events. Altilia provides a real-time solution that collect Twitter posts, calls to contact centers, IoT data about power cuts and variations coming from power transformers. The solution: (i) analyzes tweets to identify those that contain expressions related to power outage events; (ii) analyzes tweets, calls and IoT data in order to identify locations in which the outage event is taking place; (iii) harmonizes all available data to create visual reports that express, over a map of the Italian territory, where power outage events are located and alerts that activate countermeasures at the beginning of outage phenomena. This solution enables our client to timely react to power outage events, to address them faster and more accurately, to save time and money reducing discomfort for its customers.  

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Contact Center Automation

The need is to automate answers to customer asking about products and procedures to follows to accomplish specific tasks. Altilia provides a solution based on machine reading comprehension and question answering that: (i) enables to ingest all documents related to products and procedures; (ii) automatically finds relevant concepts related to customer questions into available documents; (iii) generates automatic answers to questions by a dialog-based system. This solution enables to reduce the number of calls processed by humans, to improve calls dispatching, and to save costs by reducing the time to answer. 

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