Altilia helps you to transform your company into a data-enabled customer driven organization bringing data into insights and insights into actions. By Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform you can answer your more important business questions such as:

  • How can I improve ROI of my marketing activities? 
  • How are my ad campaigns performing? 
  • What is the behavior of my customers during their customer journey lifecycle? 
  • Which are main causes of churn and how do I minimize them? 
  • Which are main issues, opinions, problems, sentiments, suggestions that my customers express in their omni-channel communications? 
  • How can I get a holistic profile of my customer, across all of the omni-channel customer touchpoints? 
  • How can I better engage my customers? 
  • How can I anticipate the strategies of my competitors? 

Using Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform you can collect, harmonize all customer and product related big data you have into your databases and applications along with data from social media, online forums, product and brand review websites as well as other sources. Then you can easily apply Altilia’s augmented intelligence technologies: 

  • to divine what consumers want and which is their behavior,
  • to get a better user experience for your internal users (executives, associates, analysts) in all operational and marketing functions 
  • to drive a better shopper experience in all phases of the shopper lifecycle journey.

Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform makes viable holistic customer journey lifecycle analytics based on all available big data. It is more than customer intelligence and yields a management approach oriented to the optimization of the company behavior in all its operations and business processes to improve revenues and cost efficiency.

Use Cases

360° Customer View

Buyers of online stores while searching, navigating, comparing, purchasing, and commenting products on multiple channels and multiple stores, generate a lot of data. The need is to turn all this customer related data in a business and analytics ready form. The solution Altilia provides is the creation of automatic processes that enable to acquire and harmonize this big amount of messy and raw data, siloed into disparate data sources, and to store it into a data lake. This way different business areas like marketing, sales, CRM, shipment, supply, and more, can benefit from an holistic, multi-channel, and multistore view of customer behaviors to understand intents, preferences, issues and to timely react to customer needs for better planning customer satisfaction and retention activities with huge improvements in churn reduction, customer loyalty, margins and profit.  

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Customer Life-Cycle Journey Analytics

The need is to analyze the entire customer journey life-cycle by different types of methods such as: analysis of navigational behaviour, customer profiling at different stage of the journey life-cycle, funnel analytics, Voice of the Customer analytics, CRM automation, email campaigns and social media analytics, advertising analytics, and more. Altilia addresses these analytic needs by providing advanced AI, data engineering and data science tools and competencies.

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Price, Product and Market Intelligence

The need is to timely react to prices charged by competitors on their products catalogues. The solution Altilia provides consists in: (i) the automatic acquisition of product data (e.g. descriptions, prices, discounts, special offers) and comments from e-commerce web sites; (ii) the automatic alignment of product catalogues obtained by analyzing descriptions; (iii) the extraction of sentiment and opinion from buyers comments in order to have a clear perception analysis between different players, products and producers. The benefit is the ability to timely react to price change by dynamic pricing capability and to improve catalogues, product offers, and store management with better revenues and margins. 

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Market Intelligence for Mobile Phones

The need is to monitor customers perception of mobile phones models and brands in the French market. Altilia provides a solution that: (i) crawls the Web to extract data and contents about mobile phones from e-commerce web sites and blogs; (ii) deeply analyze comments and blog posts getting fine-grained evaluations of opinions, sentiment and facts (triples having the form subject-predicate-objects) aiming at identifying how buyers perceive mobile phones models and brands, and which features buyers of mobile phones appreciate or dislike. This solution provides the user with a deep and wide overview of mobile phones products in the French market, enabling to compare mobile phones for augmenting the ability to design more attractive products and to perform timely and accurate marketing activities. 

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