Fulfilling needs of organizations in the financial services industry by augmented intelligence

Turn huge amounts of typical and alternative data into actionable insights. Get hundreds datapoints, alpha signals, and events from news, social media, corporate financial documents. Improve leads generation, increase client loyalty, empower cross and up selling. Boost employee productivity and conduct better risk mitigation, surveillance, and internal audit processes. Do it using Augmented Intelligence solutions for Banking.

Use Cases

Automatic acquisition of alternative data for credit rating and risk scoring

Banks and institutional investors use different kind of credit rating and scoring models to make their investment decisions. Risk rating agencies propose different indexes that allow to evaluate the level of risk related to investments and lending activities. 

Computing risk models and indexes need a large number of datapoints about companies and individuals that came from databases of banks, institutional investors, credit bureaus, and from alternative data sources. 

ESG rating, for example, is based on the usage of hundreds datapoints contained in many different sources of alternative data such as official financial documents (e.g. SEC filed reports like annual reports, sustainability reports, balance sheets, financial statements, 10-k forms, bond documents), news, corporate Web sites. Examples of datapoints are: board members names along with dates of appointment and compensations, auditors names and compensations, alcohol related business, controversies, litigations, loss of jobs, workers exploitations, environmental issues such as pollutions and CO2 emissions.

In last years, the usage of alternative data sources has gained growing attention because it can lead towards more accurate and timely risk scoring and credit ranking that may benefit also from alpha signals that can be collected in near real-time. 

Using Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ technologies our customers automate the datapoints gathering process because they can easily train sophisticated machine reading comprehension, question answering, entity extraction, classification, and OCR algorithms that enable to automatically create very accurate profiles of company of any size worldwide.

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Market analysis automation

Organizations in the financial services industry are continuously challenged to find better ways to generate opportunities and mitigate risks.

Answers to most relevant business questions lie in a plethora of data sources available inside and outside organizations such as documents repositories, online media, social media, databases, web sites, and applications. The expanding scope and vast scale of today’s data sources is creating new challenges in making them discoverable, understandable, and actionable otherwise the risk is that valuable data yet remains untapped and trapped into silos. 

We help financial organizations to quickly and accurately transfer their employees’ knowledge to algorithms, to realize the competitive advantages of cognitive automation and insights at scale. Hence, Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ technologies automatically turn huge amount of documents, contents, communications and structured data into actionable insights that enable transformative changes. 

Altilia helps bank bosses to focus on improve how to create rich profiles of companies, markets, countries, industries, and sectors that support better leads generation and up/cross selling across domestic and international markets. Cognitive automation solutions based on Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform provide data narratives, dashboards, reports, and sales pitches describing profile as well as the option to use insights to populate BI tools, CRM systems, chatbots, and optimization engines.

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Automatic sales pitch generation

Altilia is leader in automating business processes requiring cognitive capabilities that are usually human prerogatives, in order to reveal what’s most critical to our clients and enabling our customers to focus on the activities (and insights) that matter.

One of our customer has the need to automate the extraction of datapoints from alternative data sources like notes to balance sheets (in Italian) for the automatic evaluation of financial KPIs of Mid-Corporate clients, and the automatic creation of sales pitches (in MS PowerPoint format) that support sales activities of hedging derivatives.

Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform makes very simple to create 360° profiles of organizations, markets, locations, people, and more, to accumulate insights that make it easy to understand the hidden relationships and patterns that connect them. The cognitive automation solution developed for our customer enables employees to easily and automatically create sales pitches by transferring their knowledge to algorithms that do the most annoying part of the work for them. Sales pitches are then used in commercial meetings enabling salespersons to focus their attention on creating valuable business relationships instead of wasting time in collecting data. 

This a clear example of how Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ technologies generate deep insights that integrate, automate, and augment existing processes creating and accumulating intelligence that accelerates organizational transformation. 

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Supervisory Intelligence

Automatic analysis of news contents (in natural language) to identify and extract concepts and topics expressing messages and weak/alpha signals relevant for supervisory activities. Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ technologies allow to explore concepts and topics, by charts and search-engine like navigations, in order to get correlations and insights that require timely reactions and decisions. 

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Smart lending and underwriting

Extraction of innovative information from alternative data sources for hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Alternative data enriches client’s profiles making risk scoring and analysis more up-to-date and insightful. The solution crawls the Web, scrapes contents from web sources, extracts web users evaluations, sentiments, and opinions, and provides both raw data and synthetic indexes to use in risk scoring models.

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Surveillance automation

Automatic analysis of audit documents in natural language aiming at identifying main topics and issues in order to better define actions to take, and persons to involve in risk mitigation actions. Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ technologies extract audit documents contents, also considering how them are presented in documents, and classify them by taxonomies of concepts. This way users can navigate contents to conduct better internal audit processes, to perform more informed risk assessment and mitigation, to execute deeper and timely surveillance. 

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