Augmented Intelligence

More people than ever are today interested in artificial intelligence because it is mainly based on machine learning algorithms that promise to automate tasks and processes previously performed only by humans. But machine learning needs very large amount of labeled data to learn enough accurate models for each specific task in any given domain.

Enterprise-grade data labeling is an expensive task that involves both subject matters experts and machine learning engineers. So, the need for labeled data along with the shortage of IT figures very skilled in applying machine learning to real world use cases is becoming the main bottleneck in the wide adoption of AI in industry.

Altilia answers to these pain points with the Augmented Intelligence Paradigm™ and the Altilia Talent Hub™. 

While artificial Intelligence is expected to completely automate some human capabilities the Augmented Intelligence Paradigm™ is based on human-in-the-loop AI methods that emulate and extend human cognitive capabilities in software systems. The goal of Augmented Intelligence Paradigm™, which Altilia’s AI technologies are grounded on, is to make machine learning widely usable in enterprises, so that small teams and/or non-ML experts can: 

  • Autonomously create ground truth training data for all manner of image, text, and natural language processing (NLP) models such us named entity recognition, utterance collection, sentiment and intent classification, question answering, classification, optical character recognition – OCR, image segmentation, among others.
  • Create and apply ML models to their daily tasks and problems achieving high-quality results.
  • Deploy production systems that can be used in critical applications.

Because our Augmented Intelligence Paradigm™ utilizes human-in-the-loop AI methods within a platform, we leverage a global pool of fluent, expert annotators, that can help you to annotate text and images to create models for dozens of languages, and a team of very skilled ML experts that can help you in creating and deploying enterprise-grade AI solutions.

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