Intelligent Process Automation

There are situations where information is difficult to capture from multi-structured data sources and business processes require judgement and context understanding. So, how can you deploy RPA where human contextualization capability ia a prerequisite? 

MANTRA™’s solutions are grounded on Augmented Intelligence enabling to apply RPA to business processes that require human judgement and contextualization capabilities. This provides superior business value for our customers. With our technology they can execute complex business processes at scale and with high accuracy and reliability.   

MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform combines the most advanced machine learning algorithms for document and language understanding, computer vision, semantic data representation, and automatic reasoning. This is done with human-in-the-loop AI techniques that make data exploration, data labeling, models training, visualization, inspection and evaluation easy, quick and scalable.  

MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform can be seamlessly integrated with third party cognitive and AI platforms offered by providers like Microsoft® and offers the following features.

Data Labeling

Create training datasets in just a few clicks.

The lack of labeled data is the primary bottleneck in applying machine learning techniques at an enterprise-wide scale in industry. Our data labeling technology adopts search engine-like data programming methods to help you intuitively label any kind of data and create accurate training datasets needed by algorithms to learn domains that you are interested in.

Cognitive Search

Get deep insights from huge amount of data, and millions of documents and images within minutes.

Our cognitive search technology goes well beyond search engines. It combs through a myriad of data sources and uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms like machine reading comprehension and question answering, knowledge graphs, and automatic reasoning to improve how you discover and access the insights you need for your daily tasks. At the same time, it allows you to create reusable labeled datasets which can be used for accurate, scalable, and domain-specific ML models to improve your search capabilities.

Knowledge Graph

Provide Context. Give Meaning. Elevate Data. 

Our multi-structured enterprise-grade augmented knowledge graph stores, indexes, and links data, text, images and other entities along with their related facts, events, objects, sentiments, and intents. You can permanently connect it to any data source, AI model, and robot. It leverages both human activities and ML algorithms to continuously learn models from huge amounts of labeled data, extract new insights and enrich the knowledge graph.

Augmented Analytics

Deliver real-time deep insights at the right place, and with the right evidence. 

Our augmented analytics technology, besides providing traditional data science tools for structured data, also provides you with sophisticated analytical techniques powered by machine reading comprehension and question answering to generate reports and insights from data and documents stored in the augmented knowledge graph.

Data Capture 

Automate extraction of data and content from raw data sources. 

Our data capture technology exploits labeled datasets, which you can create by using our cognitive search engine, to learn models based on trainable document understanding, image segmentation algorithms, text recognition, and optical character recognition (OCR). These models can then be used to automatically extract texts as well as data from documents, images, videos, and audio files to populate the knowledge graph.

Web Scraping 

Extract and ingest data from the web in minutes. 

Our web scraping technology uses machine learning and user-defined high-precision extraction rules to pull relevant data from vast quantities of publicly available sources like social media, digital newspapers and magazines, blogs, company websites and other online sources within minutes. It automatically executes complex tasks such as extracting clean text from small to large data sources, logging-in and filling forms.

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Augmented intelligence is a combination of human and artificial intelligence. It enables humans and machines to work seamlessly. This enhances humans’ expertise and experience. It also improves algorithms to find innovative, deep, accurate and trustworthy solutions to real world problems. 

The augmented intelligence paradigm fuels Altilia’s MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation platform. It consists of human-in-the-loop AI methods. These merge information retrieval, data labeling, machine and deep learning algorithms, AI models visualization and inspection techniques to make it easy to transfer human expertise into algorithms improving the ability of robots to find trustable and explainable answers to business needs.


Trusted AI refers the need to make machine learning algorithms explainable in order to let humans to understand how and why they make specific decisions. The goal of Trusted AI is to make algorithms fair, robust, unbiased, and trustable in particular in domains were regulations, business, and social impact is particularly relevant. 

Altilia Trusted AI exploit human-in-the-loop and model visualization, inspection, and assessment, methods to scale ethical AI in the enterprise for a responsible and safe adoption of AI technology towards businesses and ultimately, our society. This because, we believe that we have to apply AI technologies for social good.  

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