Automate ESG Profile Generation and Updates

The Client
Financial Institutions
CIO / Data Scientist
The Challenge

Need to improve ESG profile with. alternative data

Altilia's Solution

Like AI generated SME profiles for lending, ESG profile generation can be optimized through AI’s incorporation of alternative data. Incorporating ESG data from materiality reporting other than the traditional financial analysis into company profiles gives you a clearer picture of the company. AI helps make the collection of ESG data more granular, accurate, and scalable.

AI can pull and compile data from a variety of current web sources, including not only company-internal financial documents, but corporate websites, NGO websites, annual, sustainability and other reports. AI employs natural language understanding technology to survey millions of online sources for ESG-related company topics.


The most current ESG automation with AI can save a company from 50-80% of their expense for ESG profiling software they’re using now. AI automation can also half the time it takes to update, maintain and build these ESG profiles, from weeks to just days. It can make the collection of ESG data more timely, accurate and granular.

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