About Us

about us

Altilia is a team of scientists, engineers, innovators, growth hackers committed to build Altilia Intelligent Automation™

Altilia is a no-code, SaaS platform – that democratizes the adoption of AI, hyperautomation and decision intelligence at scale in modern organizations. 

Combining People and Augmented Intelligence

We value our employees, their time investments, and their sense of fulfillment in careers. By combining the human resources we rely on, and automating processes with intuitive and adaptive machine intelligence, we’re seeking a harmonious “best of both worlds”. The best AI companies are built by the best people. We reward our highest performers with bonuses, prizes, and stock options. We are only as successful as the individuals helping us grow, which is why creating an environment that is nurturing, empathetic, and open-minded is a priority for us. 

Ongoing innovation and investments in talent, team and development

We’re constantly innovating AI automation and the marriage between team and machine. Our primary efforts are always focused on the team that continues to build us as a company. We support our team in their daily journeys and career goals, by actively and continuously listening to their needs. We are offering flexibility with both remote and in-office availability of work. We support our team members and their professional growth, and offer e-learning platform access and credentialing that produces the best employees for a more creative and prepared workforce.

Outcome-Focused Flexibility

Our mission will always be focused on results-driven outcomes, with room for creativity and growth. Our team produces optimal outcomes with flexibility and freedom to do what humans do best: create and innovate. Our objective is to maintain a thriving and fulfilled workforce, who have room and opportunity for personal and professional growth. Whether that works best in an office, at home, or in a local coffee shop, we allow our engineers the freedom to work wherever they feel most creative. We also fully equip them with all they’ll need to be successful.

Mission Driven Narrative

Our story is a culmination of our values and the stories of our team members and employees. We’re goal-oriented and always have a brighter, more efficient, more fulfilling future in mind for our team, present and future. We create an opportunity for the people that help us thrive, to thrive themselves. Whether that’s through our active listening and teambuilding, supplementary education programs offered, or through flexible work accommodations. Every engineer that we employ enters a fast track for personal growth and empowerment. Our team spans the global network of talent, which benefits us from the fluidity, positivity, and agility of our well-prepared organization.


Foro Buonaparte, 22
20121 Milano (MI), Italy

16 Whitehall London, SW1A 2DY, United Kingdom

Operational and R&D

TechNest -University of Calabria
87036 Rende (CS), Italy

[email protected]

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