Technology Overview

Altilia MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation platform addresses uses cases where the need is to automate activities and processes that require human judgement and contextualization capabilities. MANTRA™ jointly solves the problems of collecting, extracting, harmonizing, indexing, querying, exploring, analyzing, understanding, and making sense of all available multi-structured data. It is grounded on a human-in-the-loop AI approach that uses  many different machine/deep learning algorithms for document and natural language understanding, and computer vision along with neural information retrieval and knowledge graphs based querying and reasoning.

MANTRA™ provides an easy-to-use approach to automate tasks and entire processes in industries such as financial services, e-commerce, agriculture, health care, telco, utility, improving the ability to compete in today’s markets, reducing the need for highly skilled data annotators, AI engineers, and data scientists. It can be deployed in any (public, on-premises, hybrid) cloud infrastructure and simplifies AI Ops to scala from small to big data by using container orchestration environment like Kubernetes.

Mantra Search™

It makes available to end-users functionalities like searching, visualizing and exploring documents, contents, and data by queries and questions. It enables clients to understand documents by trainable computer vision algorithms. Mantra Search™ provides powerful and easy-to-use collaborative data labeling functionalities to create human supervised training datasets for many document and language understanding tasks, and for many machine learning algorithms. Search-engine-like data labeling features provide an easy way to transfer human expertise into algorithms. End-users can leverage model results assessment features to evaluate AI models behaviour and provide feedback that help to improve algorithms performances and results trustability at scale (human-in-the-loop AI). Mantra Search™ generates reports that help to interpret and use results of AI models. Users can set alerts related to specific entities, topics, and events that trigger actions. 

Mantra Model™

It enables the user to create AI models that automate specific tasks and/or processes. This product allows users to train, evaluate, and validate AI algorithms. It provides features that simplify data programing and transfer learning in order to speed-up models training. MANTRA Model™ adopts some models visualization and inspection techniques that enable developers to assess models accuracy, and to explain models behavior in order to certify model performances also in terms of trustability. MANTRA Model™ makes use of internal AI libraries (TensorFlow, Torch, OpenCV, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Scikit-Learn, HuggingFace) and third party cognitive APIs. It is fully integrated with leading CI/CD systems such as GitHub in order to simplify and empower AIOps making very easy the versioning of datasets and models.  Our product roadmap includes the extension of supported AI libraries and APIs as well as the development of much more models evaluation and certification techniques.

Mantra Design™

It enables the user to visually design processes where humans and robots cooperates to accomplish specific business tasks and processes. This is an open and extensible visual tool enabling subject matter experts, developers, and data scientists to create and deploy robots that execute single tasks or entire processes in a collaborative way. Mantra Design™ enables the user to apply AI models, defined by Mantra Model™, to processes at scale. It allows users to feed the MANTRA Knowledge Graph™ with highly valuable information and to integrate the entire MANTRA™ platform with clients infrastructure delivering the value of automation in those processes that require human cognitive capabilities. Powerful Mantra Design™ features help customers to elevate the ROI of existing cloud, big data, and machine learning investments.

Mantra Knowledge Graph™

It enables the user to jointly store and index multi-structured (i.e. documents, texts, contents, tabular data) to support semantically rich intelligent process automation solutions. By MANTRA™ Knowledge Graph™ users can index documents, texts, dataset, along with their metadata, and data points that machine learning models recognize and extract from them. MANTRA Knowledge Graph™ represents semantic data points and relationships between them. This feature provides context, gives meaning, and elevates data, which makes intelligent process automation valuable for our customers. it correctly supports the automation of tasks and processes that usually are done only by humans. 

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