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Augmented Intelligence

Combine human and machine intelligence to solve your everyday challenges. Our augmented intelligence paradigm is a combination of data labeling techniques and machine learning technologies that enables you and machines to easily cooperate in order to empower your expertise and the ability of algorithms to find innovative, deep, and precise solutions to real world use cases.

Data Labeling

Enable everyone to create training datasets in few clicks. The availability of labeled data is the key bottleneck to the application of the machine learning at enterprise scale in industry. Our data labeling technology adopts search engine-like data programming methods that help you to intuitively label any kind of data to create very accurate training datasets needed by algorithms to learn domains you are interested in.


Cognitive Search

Get deep insights browsing data, documents, and images by natural language based searches. Our cognitive search technology goes well beyond search engines. It brings together myriads of data sources, sophisticated machine learning algorithms like machine reading comprehension and question answering, knowledge graphs, and automatic reasoning to improve how you find, discover and access the insights you need to do your job. At the same time, it allows you to create reusable labeled datasets, while executing your usual tasks, to learn very accurate, scalable, and domain specific ML models that you can use to improve search capabilities you need in your everyday work activities.

Augmented Knowledge Graph

Provide Context. Give Meaning. Elevate Data. Our multi-structured enterprise-grade augmented knowledge graphs technology stores, indexes, and links data, text, images, entities along with their relations, facts, events, objects, sentiments, intents. You can permanently connect it to any data source. It leverages both human activities and ML algorithms to continuously learn models from improved huge amounts of labeled data to extract new insights that enrich the knowledge graph.


Augmented Analytics

Deliver real time deep insights in the right place, with the right evidence. Our augmented analytics technology, beside traditional data science tools for structured data, provides you with analytical methods powered by machine reading comprehension and question answering to generate reports and insights from data and documents stored in the augmented knowledge graph.

Data Capture

Automate data and content extraction from raw data sources. Our data capture technology exploits labeled dataset, you can create by our cognitive search engine, to learn models, based on trainable text recognition, OCR and image segmentation algorithms, to extract texts and data from documents, images, objects, videos, and audio file to populate the augmented knowledge graph.


Web Scraping

Extract and ingest any web dataand document you need in minutes. Our web scraping technology uses machine learning and user-defined high-precision extraction rules to get what you see in web pages like newspaper, social and on-line media, company websites, and data hidden in pages code. It automatically executes complex extraction tasks from small to huge amounts of data automatically logging-in and filling forms. It extracts clean text from web pages including news and blogs posts.

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