Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ Platform

Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform addresses uses cases where the need is to automate human activities and processes that require to jointly solve the problem of collecting, extracting, harmonizing, indexing, querying, exploring, analyzing, understanding, and making sense of all available heterogenous (big) data. It is an human-in-the-loop AI system that uses  many different machine/deep learning algorithms for natural language processing/understanding and image processing along with knowledge graphs based querying and reasoning.

Altilia Augmented Intelligence™ platform provides an easy-to-use approach to learn domains in industries such as financial services, e-commerce, agriculture, health care, telco, utility, improving the ability to compete in today’s markets, reducing the need for highly skilled data annotators, AI engineers, and data scientists. It can be deployed in any (public, on-premises, hybrid) cloud infrastructure and it is scalable from small to big data by using container orchestration environment like Kubernetes.

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