Accelerate Results Beyond RPA
Automate across RPA silos with Augmented Intelligence
Accelerate Your Business Impact
See beyond data, gain competitive insight with Hyperautomation

Altilia Intelligent Automation Platform

Full suite of AI augmented personal assistants to do the hardest part of your job.


Train, or fine-tune trustworthy AI models by using DIY point-and-click, searchable labelling and annotation actions.


Utilize a catalogue of pre-built AI models, ready to seamlessly integrate with your workflow, accelerating simple tasks and complex processes.


Focus human energy on what matters: address high-value tasks, make strategic decisions and engage customers with AI automation.

Immediate benefits
with Altilia Intelligent Automation





10 times faster! Use prebuild AI models that are pre-trained with real, relevant documents and data. Meet or exceed targeted accuracy levels. Accelerate AI model building and deployment, while drastically reducing handling times and human involvement.

75% less effort! Focus critical human resources on higher-value tasks while allowing AI to reduce manual effort and raise productivity. Uplift your employees by automating repetitive tasks.

Speed up process cycle 5 times. Drive efficiency and effectiveness. Enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging faster process cycles.

Average of 80% less cost. Automate, Focus, Insight, Augment: Your Automations and Decisions Force Multiplier

Automate and Streamline Critical Document-Based Processes

A single no-code platform to run your business more efficiently by
enhancing customer-centric processes.
Fully automate document-intensive manual work.
Eliminate 80% of costs, and significantly expand capacity.

Empowered workforce

Employees transfer human expertise into efficient robotic assistants that continuously learn from human interactions.

Trusted and safe AI

Use explainable and trustworthy AI models. Scale the safe adoption of AI and hyperautomation technology.

Facilitate Integration

Comprehensive RESTful API's integrate into any 3rd party applications. Reuse your own AI models, and run on top of your existing private cloud.

Secured Enterprise AI

Constantly and securely improve your AI data automation, with no risk of data breaches or spills.

Intelligence augumented

Beyond RPA, Rules and Templates

Atilia Intelligent Automation uses very few examples to help fine-tune machine learning models that understand complex documents, images, and texts.

Advanced interfaces for human feedback allow document validation and continuous learning to help deliver unmatched output accuracy that only improves over time.

our process

How It works

Use AI to augment and prepare any kind of data,
whether structured or unstructured,
to offer unparalleled insight.


Structured, Unstructured, or API access


Apply and Harness The Power of Unique AI Models


Use Human Augmented AI To Create Self-Learning Knowledge Graphs


Focus, Insight, Augment: Your Decisions Force Multiplier


personas overview

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C-level decision makers can take steps to build a vision around AI and intelligent automation to deliver tactical and strategic benefits.

Altilia's tools

SkillStudio | HyperBotStudio | InsightStudio 

Data Scientist

Data scientist can better collaborate with business people to easily build multi-structured datasets and more effective AI models to deliver transformative results.

Altilia's tools

SkillStudio | HyperBotStudio | InsightStudio 

Business Owner

Business and digital workers can build AI models with no prior AI knowledge. This will enable them to handle more complex tasks and complete processes focusing on effective outcomes.

SkillStudio| HyperBotStudio | InsightStudio


Developers can easily access and use latest advances in AI, machine learning and intelligent automation to manage multi-structured data set, building, deploy, and monitoring AI models. 

SkillStudio | HyperBotStudio | InsightStudio 

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