Intelligent Process Automation

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MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation

Automate tasks and processes that require context understanding of multi-structured data. Enhance and simplify AI Ops to make the RPA upgrade cheaper, more efficient, and robust.

Train AI models that perform at scale and accurately, data and documents processing to extracts information and knowledge for feeding databases and applications.

Cooperate and interact with robots in executing tasks or entire processes providing robots with training examples and feedbacks to improve their performances and trustworthiness.

Use AI models visualization, inspection, and assessment methods that make AI more explainable, trustworthy, and safe use in the enterprise.


Banking and Financial Services

With our intelligent process automation solutions you can automate processes where you have to interpret complex documents and multi-structured data. With MANTRA™ you can turn huge amounts of typical and alternative data into actionable insights getting hundreds data points, alpha signals, and events from news sites, social media, corporate financial documents. Our solutions improve ESG analysis, leads generation, increase client loyalty, empower cross and up selling, boost employee productivity, enhance risk mitigation, surveillance, and internal audit processes.


With MANTRA™ intelligent process automation solutions you can automate collection, harmonization, and analysis of all customer and product multi-structured data you have into your databases and applications along with data from social media, online forums, product and brand review websites. Altilia’s solutions provide better user experience to your internal users (executives, associates, analysts) that can understand buyers intents, preferences, and issues to timely react to their needs for better planning customer satisfaction and retention.


With MANTRA™ Intelligent Process Automation platform businesses can save costs and improve revenues and margins. This is possible by freeing people’s time so they can address high-value tasks such as situation interpretation, strategic decision making, and face-to-face customer engagement.

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