Gartner mentions Altilia in its 1st market guide on Intelligent Document Processing

We help the modern enterprise automate complex document processing

Altilia’s cloud-native, no-code, SaaS, composite AI-based platform is at the cutting edge of intelligent automation software. It provides businesses with the tools they need to streamline repetitive document-based processing tasks and get back to doing what they do best — driving innovation and creating value for their customers.

Gartner mentions Altilia in its 1st market guide on Intelligent Document Processing

The Altilia advantage

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Companies of all sizes and industries deal with complex documents

Organizations need to monetize the data contained in their documents

Enterprises deal with complex business documents containing enormous amounts of unstructured data that organizations can use to enhance operational and decision-making processes. Unfortunately, most available intelligent document processing solutions are simply unable to extract and process that data in a way that’s usable by RPA, BI, enterprise content management and analytical tools. Building your own solution is expensive, time consuming and delivers a low ROI.

Altilia Intelligent Automation powers business performance

Enhance document processing efficiencies across your entire business

We believe in the power of AI to turn documents into structured data to enhance operational performance. We offer an intelligent automation platform that enables enterprises to streamline business operations that involve complex document processing workflows. Deploying the Altilia platform across your organization helps you increase efficiency, expand processing capacity and reduce operational costs.

Maximize your ROI with Altilia Intelligent Automation​


Label you documents and fine-tune pre-trained AI models with your datasets to extract maximum value from your documents and perfectly match the requirements of your business.


Use workflow templates to streamline manual and repetitive document processing tasks and give your employees more time for higher-value priorities, powering innovation, and creating value for customers.


Explore your documents and data by powerful semantic search to enable impactful searches, reporting, and decision intelligence.

How the Altilia platform is different

Optimize your document-based processes for maximum business value

Powering the democratization of document AI.

The Altilia cloud-native, no-code/low-code platform enables you — regardless of your business or technical background — to easily customize AI models and workflows to streamline specific functions.

Process all documents no matter the document's format and complexity.

Using a Composite AI approach, the platform enables you to process documents of any format, any type and any layout — whether they are simple form-like, template-based or complex long documents.

Automate any document-based process by a single extensible platform.

Altilia Workflows can apply many different NLP algorithms to documents, such as OCR, document and text classification, entity extraction, question answering, token sequence tagging, sentiment analysis, etc.

No-code human-in-the-loop continuous learning and explainability.

The Altilia no-code, human-in-the-loop AI features allow you to interact with AI models to enable continuous learning, data quality check, interpretability, explainability, and trustworthiness.

Knowledge Graphs for more intelligent decision-making.

A multi-structured Knowledge Graph helps you semantically organize complex information to power searching and reporting for more intelligent decision-making.

Lower costs, increase efficiency, and obtain human-level precision.

Automate manual and error-prone tasks and obtain a measurable impact in terms of saved money, increased capacity and customer satisfaction. You can also upskill your employees to more rewarding work.

A modular platform for end-to-end document automation usable stand-alone or integrated into your applications ecosystem

Whether you use Altilia Intelligent Automation as a standalone IDP platform or as one of your automation tools, you can always leverage an extensive set of connectors to access multiple sources of documents and to interact with RPA, ECM, ERP and CRM applications.

Start quickly and scale easily.

Integrate AI within your organization without developing complex MLOps or hiring qualified IT experts. Access Altilia based on your needs and requirements and scale easily to handle an enormous volume of documents and processes.

A human-centric approach

Leverage a set of AI tools that augment human capabilities in the hands of end-users to transfer their knowledge and expertise into deep learning models.

Ethical and Trustworthy AI

Ethical and explainable AI enterprise tools minimize carbon emissions and benefit workers, enterprises, the environment, and ultimately society.

See some Altilia Intelligent Automation use cases​

Tick Enhance credit scoring for lending applications with ECM metadata

Evaluating loan and mortgage applications is an onerous task for Banks and Financial institutions, dealing with several different document types that require an intensive and error-prone back office manual analysis. Altilia Intelligent Automation enables customers to save millions of hours of manual labour per year by extracting data from lending application forms and balance sheets feeding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like OpenText Documentum® with metadata to empower and augment automatic credit scoring capabilities.

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Tick Extract Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) data from multiple sources and documents

Banks, investment management firms, and other organizations must conduct proper Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) research to create and maintain ESG profiles of businesses of any size and industry. Multiple documents contain a high volume of complex information that needs to be read and analysed. Altilia Intelligent Automation allows customers to automatically extract and structure data contents to build accurate ESG profiles.

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Tick Extracting data from complex documents to improve Non-Performing-Loan data tapes management

Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) are sold by banks to debt collection agencies. Each NPL case is equipped by a data tape that contains documents ranging from mortgage agreements, surety documents, to technical consultant reports, and more. Altilia Intelligent Automation helps agencies to automatically process complex documents, extracting all the relevant data points to enrich NPLs data tapes. This process, previously handheld manually, can now be performed at 10 times the speed, with a 90% reduction of manual work, and with greatly improved accuracy. This enables agencies to gain a complete view of the debtor’s properties and assets and to record them in data tapes, bringing greater success in chasing the loans and higher margins.

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Tick Data extraction from notes to balance sheets

Banks need to extract relevant data from multiple financial sources and documents in order to create sales pitches for derivative products. This is currently still a manual, inefficient and time-consuming process. Altilia gives organisations AI models and tools to build automated workflows to speed up the process, resulting in increased accuracy, capacity and improved margins.  

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Here are some of the companies that trust Altilia every day

What our customers are saying about Altilia

Alessandro Allamprese
CEO & Founder, KALAWAY / ADM Capital S.r.l.

The Altilia Intelligent Automation platform allowed us to automate a repetitive process that was previously handheld in a completely manual way, leading to substantial benefits for our organization. Thanks to Altilia’s solution we can now manage more operations in a shorter time, while guaranteeing the highest service standards for our customers

Sebastiano Gadaleta
Chief Financial Officer, Noi Energia S.r.l.

By using the Altilia Intelligence Automation platform, we were capable of automating processes that had previously been carried out in a completely manual manner, thus cutting missing registration errors to zero. This automation has allowed us to further qualify our administrative staff, improving our front office and customer relations activities, while further developing our business.

Francesco Betti
Chief Operating Officer, Anima S.g.r.

Thanks to the Altilia Intelligent Automation platform, we are able to extract and compare data contained in financial statements in a fully automated way, thus significantly reducing our time spent on repetitive tasks. Altilia's technology fully demonstrates the potential of AI to transform and improve business processes.