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Teach your AI models

Automate processing of complex documents

Understand unstructured data

The Altilia no-code cloud-native platform provides the modern enterprise with the solutions needed to streamline the most difficult intelligent document processing problems, saving resources and vastly enhancing productivity.


Processing complex documents is a highly difficult and resource intensive-task

The modern enterprise has numerous document-intensive processes spread across its entire organization, straining available personnel and resources. Compounding the problem, many automation tools don’t have the capacity to read and understand complex documents with a high enough standard of precision and accuracy to deliver needed results. Businesses are left with either traditional (rules and OCR-based) document-processing solutions or investing in their own custom AI projects, neither of which have a high ROI.


An intelligent document-processing solution built for the enterprise

Altilia Intelligent Automation is a no-code/low-code cloud-based platform that gives enterprises the tools they need to build AI models and seamlessly automate all of their most difficult document-intensive processes. The Altilia platform is accessible to users from both technical and business-oriented backgrounds, so all stakeholders can use the platform to streamline department-specific workflows. Our platform enables the enterprise to eliminate manual, repetitive processes, reducing mistakes and giving teams more time to focus on higher-value priorities.

A single modular platform powered by composite AI methods to answer all your document processing needs

A single modular platform powered by composite AI methods to answer all your document processing needs

Altilia Is the Only Provider of Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation


The teach classification of Altilia Intelligent Automation modules provides pre-trained models that make it easy for you to input specific real-world datasets and create models that address specified, document-intensive processing tasks.

Altilia Labels - Annotate

Altilia Labels is a user-friendly tool that uses active learning and auto-labeling algorithms to make it easy for you to conduct point-and-click annotation actions for numerous natural language processing (NLP) tasks. This module enables the creation of datasets that you can later leverage to train your AI models.

Universal document ingestion

Semantic search and annotation

Visual labeling interface

Altilia Models - Train

You get access to a library of out-of-the-box pre-trained models and algorithms made available by the Altilia team that you can fine-tune on your datasets to process your real-world documents and data, based on specific business and workflow requirements. You can also import your own AI models and train them with your datasets.

Robust Transfer Learning

Constant tracking behavior and performance of models

Continuous learning and few-shot learning

Altilia Skills - Create

This module combines multiple AI models, data functions and knowledge-graph capabilities to give you a set of sophisticated AI skills that enable you to understand all contents and components of your documents. Altilia Intelligent Automation is capable of processing information from documents regardless of format complexity or layout.

Advanced document processing skills


Each one of our platform’s automation modules is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. These modules allow you to streamline your intelligent document processing workflows while integrating with external applications and programs across your entire enterprise, providing a high level of automation accuracy and performance.

Altilia Workflows - Process

You can easily create and design automated workflows that streamline complex, document-intensive processes that normally require significant human understanding and intervention. Out-of-the-box AI skills empower you to process, analyze and understand complex documents with the precision and accuracy of a real human, no matter what format or layout.

Altilia Reviews - Review

Conduct complete reviews and validation of all data, objects, concepts and other information you extract from your documents. You can use it to provide your models with feedback to enable human-in-the-loop continuous models training and monitoring that enhances data quality, maximizes capabilities of your AI models and provides AI model explainability.

Altilia Connectors - Interoperate

Pre-built input and output connectors make it possible to connect and integrate with all external applications and systems across your enterprise, including RPA, CMS, ERP, CRM and even your own custom-built tools. These capabilities make it easy to gather and exchange data between any internal or external source.


Ultimately, the value of intelligent automation depends on the ability to analyze and understand the data contained in your documents. These modules let you extract meaningful value from all your document data, giving you the insights to empower intelligent decision making.

Altilia Knowledge Graphs - Represent

All of the data that our platform intakes is handled and managed by a multi-structured knowledge base that enables you to organize and store data and objects extracted from your documents. All data is processed and gathered in an attribute graph to simplify data conceptualization and decision making.

Altilia Searches - Search

All documents and data are indexed in our knowledge bases to make it easy to access, search and sort all information in a readable format. Our user-friendly neural search engine allows you to select the criteria you want to sort by, making it simple and easy to locate the exact information you’re seeking.

Altilia Insights - Discover

This is a conversational decision intelligence tool that makes it possible to understand documents and data available within the Altilia Knowledge Graph. Altilia Intelligent Automation is unique in its use of knowledge bases, which gives you easy access to all the documents that sourced the data. This gives you a complete overview of all documents, driving smarter, more efficient and better-informed decision making.

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