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Altilia Augmented Intelligence

It is an entirely new human-AI collaboration method that leads to an unprecedented era of productivity and business success, transforming the future of work. Grounded on new Altilia’s Intelligent Automation methods fueled reinforcement learning algorithms, it makes more streamline the full AI/ML, intelligent automation, and decision intelligence lifecycle.

A  cloud no-code SaaS platform to run your business in a smarter way. Adopting Intelligent Process Automation at scale to automate both operational and decision-making business processes.

Augumented Intelligence

What if you could augment your decisions?

Document Ingestion & Workflows

  • Flexible Document Ingestion

    Connectors and API for powerful document ingestion capabilities scaling to millions of documents per month

  • Multiple formats Support

    TIFF, PDF (native and scanned), DOCX, JPG and more, integrated Optical Character Recognition

  • Simple Integration models

    Pre-built integrations modules (connectors) with enterprise RPA, CMS, ERP, CRM, custom platforms and applications and external data sources.

Skill Studio

  • Train or Fine-Tune AI Models Collaboratively

    Collaboratively train AI models (i.e. skills) with low/no-code methods based on search-engine-like point-and-click actions for data labelling.

  • Flexible and Low Code

    Import and combine AI models/packages and third-party AI APIs/services, in a few clicks and/or line of code, in order to build sophisticated skills.

  • trustworthiness at scale

    Adopt AI models visualization and inspection techniques that enable and assess model accuracy. Explain skills behaviour in order to certify skill performances and trustworthiness at scale.

HyperBot Studio

  • DIY, drag and drop workflows

    Create and deploy workflows (i.e. hyperbots) that execute single tasks or entire processes where humans and robots cooperate to accomplish specific goals.

  • Skills and Process Monitoring

    Monitor skills and processes execution to evaluate and validate extracted data by human-in-the-loop feedback for skills retraining and fine-tuning.

  • knowledge Graph

    Feed the Altilia Knowledge Graph™ with data and insights extracted by workflows.

Insight Studio

  • Conversational Search

    Search, explore and extract insights from documents and data in a conversational interactive mode

  • Decision Intelligence

    Use document and language understanding methods to get insights and weak signals useful to optimize business processes and to make decisions.

  • Human-In-the-loop

    Provide feedback that helps to improve skills performances and results at scale (human-in-the-loop AI).

People and AI work together to enhance processes of cognitive capabilities

With Altilia Intelligent Automation business users and developers can easily access and use the latest advances in AI, machine learning and intelligent automation to manage multi-structured data set, building, deploy, and monitor AI models and software robots.


Foro Buonaparte, 22
20121 Milano (MI), Italy

16 Whitehall London, SW1A 2DY, United Kingdom

Operational and R&D

TechNest -University of Calabria
87036 Rende (CS), Italy

[email protected]

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