A no-code cloud-native platform powered by composite AI

Altilia Intelligent Automation lets you understand contents and extract data from complex documents in any format and layout.

Organizations are handling an enormous volume of documents

Enterprises deal with complex business documents containing enormous amounts of unstructured data that organizations can use to enhance operational and decision-making processes. Unfortunately, most available intelligent document processing solutions are simply unable to extract and process that data in a way that’s usable by RPA, BI, Enterprise Content Management and analytical tools. Building your own solution is expensive, time consuming and delivers a low ROI.

A composite AI-based platform designed for the enterprise

We believe in the power of AI to turn documents into structured data to enhance operational performance. We offer an intelligent automation platform that enables enterprises to streamline business operations that involve complex document processing workflows. Deploying the Altilia platform across your organization helps you increase efficiency, expand processing capacity and reduce operational costs.

One single platform for your document processing and analysis challenges ​

Sophisticated proprietary AI technologies enable to extract data and insights from massive volumes of documents

Process any type of document

Altilia Intelligent Automation enables you to process and extract data from any type of document, whether simple form-like documents, templates or complex, unstructured documents.

Automate many different processes

The Altilia Skills module combines multiple, AI models to complete larger, more complex processes. The Altilia Skills module combines multiple AI models and data functions to build larger, more complex document processing capabilities.

Fine-tune pre-trained models

Altilia Intelligent Automation is equipped with a comprehensive selection of pre-trained AI models that stakeholders can fine-tune to meet all of their functional requirements.

Do everything at scale

Altilia Intelligent Automation is capable of handling an enormous volume of documents and processes. The platform provides automatic scaling capabilities to adapt the back-end infrastructure to enable growing and elastic computational needs.

Use off-the-shelf workflow templates

The Altilia platform provides off-the-the-shelf workflow templates to streamline document-intensive processes that normally require human understanding and contextualization capabilities

Use semantic search on all documents and data

Altilia Intelligent Automation make available a powerful user-friendly neural search engine to access all document contents where data extracted by workflows can be explored by means of multifaceted search features

Use the Knowledge Graph for better decision making

All of the data extracted by Altilia Intelligent Automation is structured in our Knowledge Graph to simplify and conceptualize data, empowering intelligent decision making.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Automated document processing reduces organizational complexity and gives your teams more time and resources to focus on higher-value tasks that promote innovation and power growth.

Process document contents no matter how complex

Any format and type

Form-like and template-based documents:

Complex, unstructured documents:

AI-powered document Processing

State-of-the-art composite AI capabilities for intelligent document automation with human-level accuracy

Transfer learning and active learning for simplified models training

Users annotate their documents to create datasets composed of real world documents. Active and transfer learning capabilities allow users to reduce the number of annotated examples needed to fine-tune already available AI models. Users can import all the models available in the HuggingFace repository.

Skills configuration for more complex processing

Users are able to fine-tune AI models, combine data functions, search capabilities and models to create more sophisticated sets of AI skills that are able to understand, extract and analyze contents from all components of your documents. This enables you to process high-complexity documents across all format types.

Precise document layout understanding

Altilia Intelligent Automation performs a document layout analysis that relies on computer vision and natural language processing capabilities to analyze and understand documents contents. Pre-trained AI models for document layout recognition can be fine-tuned to process documents in numerous different formats and levels of complexity.

Natural language processing

The platform’s natural language processing functions include neural search and question-answering methods that allow you to retrieve information and knowledge from an enormous volume of documents with the precision of real humans, minimizing the incidence of mistakes while reducing processing times.

Human-in-the-loop interactions for deeper fine-tuning

Human-in-the-loop reviews allows users to interact with their AI models in workflows and intervene to make adjustments when necessary. AI models continuously learn from these interactions to process documents with a higher level of precision and accuracy.

Composite AI approach

Deep learning-based AI models for computer vision, document understanding and natural language processing are combined with symbolic knowledge representation capabilities and knowledge graphs to extract entities, objects, and other complex concepts from documents. This enables Altilia Intelligent Automation to process documents consisting of more complex layout and information than forms and simple text.

Breakthrough features for semantic and explainable IDP solutions, with no need for complex MLOps

No-code human-in-the-loop continuous learning and explainability

Our no-code, human-in-the-loop AI features allow you to easily interact with algorithms to enable continuous learning, data quality check, models interpretability and explainability, all of which help further fine-tune AI models and optimize accuracy and performance.

Multi-structured knowledge graph

All information extracted from your documents is placed inside a multi-structured Knowledge Graph that combines with natural language processing to help users organize and conceptualize complex information semantically for more intelligent decision making.

Active learning and auto-labeling to simplify annotation

Powered by proprietary advanced active learning and auto-labeling techniques, you can use no-code annotation tools to reduce the need for manual annotation when you create new datasets, saving you time, energy and resources.

MLOps automation

Organizations using Altilia Intelligent Automation can overlook MLOps because the platform hides the inherently complex back-end infrastructure that supports training and running machine learning algorithms to create a more seamless, no-code and user-friendly experience.

Intelligent document automation for all users

Line-of-business users can quickly and easily automate document-based business processes.

Reuse off-the-shelf workflow templates

Create your own workflows

Get organized, searchable, and comprehensive insights for making well-informed decisions

Advanced users easily teach AI models and create sophisticated skills

Build for the enterprise