Enhanced Chamber of Commerce registration filings with XML metadata

Access relevant information quickly and easily

Enhanced raw XML processing capabilities

Unlocked potential to develop new products and services

InfoCamere is the official IT provider for the Enterprise Register, a public resource that collects key information about all Italian companies. The Register contains information about the social composition of companies, including directors and officials with their respective roles and responsibilities.

InfoCamere wanted to offer a new service by making this information directly available to customers, but the data was buried in millions of raw XML pages in unstructured format that couldn’t be handled manually.

With Altilia Intelligent Automation, InfoCamere can now import and process the raw XML sources automatically, enriching company profile writings with metadata. ML algorithms were deployed to recognize target paragraphs and extract information about board directors’ executive and signing authority.

This new service generated new sales opportunities and revenue growth, increased customer satisfaction, while giving the institution better visibility of the information contained within the unstructured data and unlocking an untapped potential to develop even more additional products and services.

Download the complete PDF to know more about this use case application.

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