We’re democratizing AI to help the modern enterprise automate complex document processing

Altilia Intelligent Automation platform democratizes the adoption of AI and automation in any industry. It uses Composite AI methods and no-code, user-friendly tools to empower all stakeholders to automate document-based business processes and transform data into actionable insights.

Transform your document-based processes with Altilia

Central to our approach is the belief that AI automation needs to be democratized so that everyone in your organization — no matter their level of technical expertise — can utilize automation tools to customize workflows and enhance productivity.

All of our solutions are equipped with low-code/no-code tooling to democratize the adoption of AI, hyperautomation and decision intelligence throughout your organization.

The Altilia advantage

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faster workflows
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less manual effort
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increase in productivity
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faster processing cycles
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cost savings

How the Altilia platform is different

Optimize your document-based processes for maximum business value

Powering the democratization of document AI.

Process all documents no matter the document's format and complexity

Intelligent Automation Platform

RPA + OCR Digitization Efforts

Unstructured text (i.e., emails, contracts, news, blogs, regulatory compliance documents)
Complex, unstructured documents (i.e., balance sheets, annual reports, sustainability reports, Non-Performing Loan documents)check

Rules for each variation

Template-based documents (i.e., ID documents, invoices, purchase orders, inspection certificates)check


Form-like documents (i.e., application forms, record documents)check


Automate any document-based process by a single extensible platform.

No-code human-in-the-loop continuous learning and explainability.

Knowledge Graphs for more intelligent decision-making.

Lower costs, increase efficiency, and obtain human-level precision.

A modular platform for end-to-end document automation usable stand-alone or integrated into your applications ecosystem

Start quickly and scale easily.