Altilia: an Augmented Intelligence Company for Next Generation RPA

Altilia is a leader in automating business processes across multiple industries by combining human and machine intelligence. Altilia Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions help businesses process complex unstructured, typical and alternative, data quickly, securely, and at scale.

Our mission is to change the way people use documents and data in their everyday work within businesses across industries.

We provide enterprises with superior solutions that deliver intelligent automation of business processes.

Our value proposition lies in our talented people, cutting-edge AI competencies, and proprietary sophisticated AI technologies. 

We are committed to build ethical AI to benefit enterprises, society and the environment. 

Our MANTRA™  Intelligent Process Automation platform deliver solutions that: 

  • Expand RPA capabilities by Augmented Intelligence (AI) that enables intelligent data and document processing to understand documents and natural language, manage unstructured data, interpret, and give context to any kind of typical and alternative data.
  • Make RPA more intelligent and effective across a broader spectrum enabling humans to quickly transfer their knowledge into robots through AI.
  • Simplify AI and RPA Ops to tackle shortage of data scientists.
  • Make AI applications trustworthy, explainable, ethical, and secure.

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1st Innovative SME in Calabria, Italy

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