Automatic reading of power and gas bills and invoices


subscription process speed


human errors

Higher conversion rates

In the liberalized energy market, and with the growing number of digital providers for power and gas supplies, it becomes increasingly important to enhance digital customer experiences, to improve demand generation and customer retention.

A power and gas distribution company wanted to simplify and speed up contract subscription procedures for new customers switching from previous providers, by acquiring key data from previous supplier bills. Though, these bills are often in different formats and can require a slow and inefficient manual data entry process, which negatively impacts the customer experience.

Altilia Intelligent Automation offers a solution to automatically read and extract all necessary information from previous bills to activate new energy supply contracts. With the solution, customers only need to upload a previous bill and the system will process it automatically.

The automation of the data extraction process speeds up contract subscription time by 95% and eliminates 98% of human errors, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

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