Automating over-the-counter payment registration procedures


human errors reduction


faster OTC payments


waiting times reduction

Sebastiano Gadaleta
Chief Financial Officer - Noi Energia S.r.l.

"By using the Altilia Intelligence Automation platform, we were capable of automating processes that had previously been carried out in a completely manual manner, thus cutting missing registration errors to zero. This automation has allowed us to further qualify our administrative staff, improving our front office and customer relations activities, while further developing our business"

As utilities companies are increasingly operating with a multi-channel approach, they must continue improving and speeding up their business procedures, but without doing away with conventional front office sales channels.

A power and gas distribution company wanted to simplify their over-the-counter payment registration procedures, as it was facing inefficiencies with pre-filled payment slips. These were managed by authorized vendors, that used to collect payments and register transactions on the energy distributor’s ERP system.

This procedure was slow, prone to errors, and often required time-consuming reconciliations.

With Altilia Intelligent Automation, the energy provider was able to simplify payment recording procedures and ensure intercompany matching with the merchants, by using OCR to recognize target data and RPA capabilites to automate payment recognition and matching.

This implementation resulted in several improvements, including a 98% reduction in human errors, a reduction of OTC waiting times, improved customer satisfaction, and significant time savings for the administration staff.

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