Automate the extraction of key data from financial statements


manual work


faster sales process


processed companies per year

As part of their decision making processes, banks and other financial institutions need to analyse company’s financial statements, including key information that is often contained within texts of documents in unstructured formats (such as notes to financial statements).

With the lack of proper automation tools and processes, banks are often stuck spending hundreds of hours of manual labour, just to acquire the data they need for analytical purposes.

Altilia Intelligent Automation provides a solution to automate the process of extracting key information from financial documents. The platform’s AI models and NLP capabilities allow banks to quickly and accurately interpret financial statements and organize the information into structured data points.

With Altilia’s technology, a leading italian bank can now create sales pitches for derivatives products that are reliant on accurate and timely data capture, showing the risk profile of target customers in a fully automatic way.

This enabled the bank to cut down the manual work done by the sales team by 90%, while drasctically speeding up the process and increasing its capability, form managing a few hundreds potential customer per year, to more than 5,000 companies.

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