Enhance credit scoring for lending applications with ECM metadata


loan application processing time

€ 10 mln

estimated savings per year

improved customer satisfaction

Banks and financial services institutions deal with thousands of loan and mortgage applications daily, coming from different customers and channels, including complex business applications. The current process of back-office review is time-consuming and error-prone, involving manual data entry and analysis.

A leading italian bank, involved a team of 400 people nationwide just for data entry operations, before analysts could even evaluate risk scores and decide whether to accpet or reject applications. In that state, processing each application could have taken up to 5 days.

Altilia Intelligent Automation provides the tools to automate documents classification workflows and to extract specific sets of datapoints. All the required information is extracted from documents and fed into the Open Text Documentum® ECM system as metadata, to support credit scoring operations.

This allows to reduce the loan application processing time by 80% while also reducing the manual effort by over 80%, freeing up employees to focus on other priorities and resulting in estimated savings of over €10 million per year. The improved accuracy and faster decision-making has led to increased customer satisfaction and an estimated ROI between 200-300%.

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