Gartner mentions Altilia in its 1st market guide on Intelligent Document Processing

Extract Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) data from multiple sources and documents


Compiling ESG reports is a complicated and time-consuming process involving multiple internal and external data sources that needs to be extracted and structured. This is largely still a manually handheld process that can require a large team to be dealt with.


Altilia Intelligent Automation automatically collects documents, uses highly sophisticated machine-reading technology to classify them and to extract all relevant data points, structures the data, and creates accurate ESG profiles.


Our solution reduces manual work by more than 80% and speeds up the process by more than 10x, allowing providers to dramatically scale up the volume of processed reports while strongly improving accuracy and reducing the need for manual work.

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Enhance credit scoring for lending applications with ECM metadata

Evaluating loan and mortgage applications is an onerous task for Banks and Financial institutions, dealing with several different document types that require an intensive and error-prone back office manual analysis. Altilia Intelligent Automation enables customers to save millions of hours of manual labour per year by extracting data from lending application forms and balance sheets feeding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like OpenText Documentum® with metadata to empower and augment automatic credit scoring capabilities.

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Extracting data from complex documents to improve Non-Performing-Loan data tapes management

Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) are sold by banks to debt collection agencies. Each NPL case is equipped by a data tape that contains documents ranging from mortgage agreements, surety documents, to technical consultant reports, and more. Altilia Intelligent Automation helps agencies to automatically process complex documents, extracting all the relevant data points to enrich NPLs data tapes. This process, previously handheld manually, can now be performed at 10 times the speed, with a 90% reduction of manual work, and with greatly improved accuracy. This enables agencies to gain a complete view of the debtor’s properties and assets and to record them in data tapes, bringing greater success in chasing the loans and higher margins.

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Data extraction from notes to balance sheets

Banks need to extract relevant data from multiple financial sources and documents in order to create sales pitches for derivative products. This is currently still a manual, inefficient and time-consuming process. Altilia gives organisations AI models and tools to build automated workflows to speed up the process, resulting in increased accuracy, capacity and improved margins.  

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