Leverage unstructured data to enhance ESG company profiling


manual workload


faster workflow to create ESG profiles

Scaled up ESG profiling capacity

When evaluating loan applications banks are increasingly aware of corporate sustainability risks. The monitoring of ESG goals and risks over time requires the creation and maintenance of accurate ESG company profiles, though the information needed to create and maintain these profiles is vast, dispersed, and usually unstructured.

The task of organizing data into structured taxonomies and compiling ESG company profiles is long, daunting and it is still largely done manually, resulting in inefficiencies and limitations in terms of profiling accuracy.

Altilia Intelligent Automation platform offers a solution to these problems by collecting and importing documents from various sources and applying advanced Document Understanding and NLP techniques to extract and reorganize information in a structured and granular manner.

The resulting data can be either stored or exported to create accurate ESG reports and risk scores automatically.

The benefits of using the Altilia platform include an 80% reduction in manual workload, an up to 10 times faster workflow and the ability to scale up ESG profiling capacity, with a positive impact on ROI. All while improving the level of detail and the accuracy of ESG profiles.

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