ID records recognition for customer onboarding


manual workload


human compiling errors

Improved customer experience

Customer onboarding is the initial interaction between a bank and its customers and involves introducing them to financial products and services, as well as regulatory and legal due diligence. In the digital age, the need to for efficiency and simplicity of this process is now more crucial than ever.

Currently, customer onboarding procedures are supported by human operators who manually collect and verify customer’s records contained within ID scans and other different types of document. This process is error-prone and time-consuming, leading to delayed responses and increased labor costs.

Altilia accelerates customer onboarding by streamlining the extraction and verification of customer data from various documents, leveraging computer vision, image recognition and natural language processing techniques.

With the automation of data reading and copying tasks, the manual work is reduced by up to 90%. The use of ML algorithms to extract ID records results in a 98% reduction of errors in personal master records. Rreduced response times for users lead to improvements in customer experience and engagement.

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