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Meet the leadership team behind the democratization of AI

Our leadership team is committed to creating a future in which every stakeholder at your organization has the tools to leverage AI models to optimize document processing. The Altilia Intelligent Automation platform democratizes the use of AI to help you automate document-intensive processes across your entire business and extract more value from your enterprise data — fast.

Our culture is our vision and our mission

AI access for all stakeholders

Our no-code, cloud-based platform makes it easy for stakeholders from a variety of different backgrounds — whether technical or business-oriented — to build their own AI models. Our platform makes it possible to automate processes across numerous departments, helping to power greater efficiency and productivity.

Process documents in all formats

Altilia Intelligent Automation uses advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to process and extract data from documents of all kinds. Whether you’re processing standard, form-like documents or more complex unstructured ones, our platform allows you to process hundreds of documents with the precision and accuracy of a real human.

Workplace culture that lets employees thrive

We’re committed to creating a work environment that allows every employee to live happy and healthy lives while maximizing their potential. In addition to providing a comprehensive benefits package, we also give employees ample opportunity to develop their skills alongside an experienced team of AI professionals.

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