Gianfranco Tedesco

Collaborating with Altilia has helped us to enhance our operations. Their advanced automation solutions have saved us significant time and effort and ensured unparalleled accuracy in data extraction. Leveraging their cutting-edge technology and their commitment to continuous improvement has provided us with a competitive edge, enabling us to manage our business processes more effectively and efficiently.

Armando Capone

Our mission is to leverage new technologies to make access to credit easier and more inclusive. In Altilia, we have found the ideal partner to take another step forward in this direction. The joint development of new solutions and use cases with Altilia, will allow us to streamline procedures, making them safer and automatic for banks, while also speeding up access to funds for consumers.

Crédit Agricole Italia

At Crédit Agricole Italia, we’re working with startup Altilia to create new tools that will help us better understand and meet our customers’ needs. Altilia was chosen for this project through the ELIS OPEN ITALY program and will be integrating its platform into our Enterprise Banking ecosystem to improve our services and processes.

Alessandro Allamprese

The Altilia Intelligent Automation platform allowed us to automate a repetitive process that was previously handheld in a completely manual way, leading to substantial benefits for our organization. Thanks to Altilia’s solution we can now manage more operations in a shorter time, while guaranteeing the highest service standards for our customers

Francesco Betti

Thanks to the Altilia Intelligent Automation platform, we are able to extract and compare data contained in financial statements in a fully automated way, thus significantly reducing our time spent on repetitive tasks. Altilia’s technology fully demonstrates the potential of AI to transform and improve business processes.

Sebastiano Gadaleta

By using the Altilia Intelligence Automation platform, we were capable of automating processes that had previously been carried out in a completely manual manner, thus cutting missing registration errors to zero. This
automation has allowed us to further qualify our administrative staff, improving our front office and customer relations activities, while further developing our business.