Gartner mentions Altilia in its 1st market guide on Intelligent Document Processing


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Extracting data from documents in lending processes

Enhance lending management processes and feed the ECM OpenText Documentum® with metadata to empower credit scoring.

Get structured data from ESG documents

Improve ESG company profiling by automatically reading annual reports, sustainability reports, 8-k, 10-q forms, news, NGO reports and more.

Process all documents no matter the document’s format and complexity.

Extract data from NPL documents to streamline and enhance NPL process management.

Data extraction from notes to balance sheets

Automate derivatives sales pitch creation processes and enhance corporate risk scoring.

Francesco Betti

Thanks to the Altilia Intelligent Automation platform, we are able to extract and compare data contained in financial statements in a fully automated way, thus significantly reducing our time spent on repetitive tasks. Altilia’s technology fully demonstrates the potential of AI to transform and improve business processes.

Sebastiano Gadaleta

By using the Altilia Intelligence Automation platform, we were capable of automating processes that had previously been carried out in a completely manual manner, thus cutting missing registration errors to zero. This
automation has allowed us to further qualify our administrative staff, improving our front office and customer relations activities, while further developing our business.

Alessandro Allamprese

The Altilia Intelligent Automation platform allowed us to automate a repetitive process that was previously handheld in a completely manual way, leading to substantial benefits for our organization. Thanks to Altilia’s solution we can now manage more operations in a shorter time, while guaranteeing the highest service standards for our customers