Automatic reading of power and gas bills and invoices

Automate the reading of power and gas bills and invoices to accelerate the digital sales process, improve conversion rates and optimize the customer experience.

Enhanced Chamber of Commerce registration filings with XML metadata

Extracting accurate information about Board Directors’ executive and signing authority from raw XML files to enhance Chamber of Commerce registration filings

ID records recognition for customer onboarding

Automate the extraction of ID records from multiple types of documents and scans to accelerate customer onboarding operations.

Automating over-the-counter payment registration procedures

Automatic reading of power and gas payment slips to steamline OTC payment procedures and guarantee intercompany accounts matching between utility providers and merchants.

Enhance credit scoring for lending applications with ECM metadata

Automation of the data entry process for enterprise lending applications, with an integration with Open Text Documentum® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Leverage unstructured data to enhance ESG company profiling

Extract Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) data from multiple sources and documents, to create accurate and detailed ESG company profiles automatically.

Smart data collection to improve NPL data tapes management

Automate the extraction of data from complex documents to enrich Non-Performing-Loan data tapes and to support NPL pricing and likelihood of repayment evaluation.

Automate the extraction of key data from financial statements

Enhance analytical and decision making processes by automating the extraction of key information from financial statements and unstructured financial document.